Ground is ground, and sky is sky. Devil is Devil, and God is God. There are hierarchies above, and there are hierarchies below. There are starry towers of white fire, and there are chthonic pits of black water. There is a house at the centre, inside out, and there is a house in-between, upside down. In this house, there is a ladder that goes up into the sleeping sky, and in this house, there is a tunnel that goes down into the dreaming ground. Floor is floor, and ceiling is ceiling. God is Devil, and Devil is God. I am me, and me am I.

I found the last road I now must walk. I walk with a pack of stray dogs, a brick from the tower of Babel, pockets of nuclear winter ash and a talisman from the God of mud.

I am the fixed and drowned sleeper, the Alpha-Odian: the Yog of Space, the First Primal Light. And I am the volatile and burnt dreamer, the Omega Obian: the Yig of Time, the Last Ultimate Dark.

I am protoencyclopedist, codexorcist and lycanthropic housekeeper.